SERVICE CREDIT UNION is pleased to announce that Guardian Angel Credit Union became part of Service Credit Union earlier this year. Service Credit Union has served members for over 55 years. As of January 26th your Berlin and Lancaster branches began servicing both Service Credit Union and former Guardian Angel members.

Branch hours will remain the same until June 1st when your former Guardian Angel account will be automatically transferred to Service Credit Union. At that time, branch hours will expand and you can begin accessing Service Credit Union products, services and locations. If you wish to enjoy Service Credit Union’s products and services earlier, you can become a Service Credit Union member on or after January 26th at the Berlin or Lancaster branch.

At Service Credit Union, we offer exclusive price incentives and programs for moderate income earners, youth, military, seniors and select employer groups. More information will follow and will be available at

Please contact us at 603.752.2750 for any questions you might have.

Thank you again for your loyalty,
Service Credit Union

1-Year CD: .35% APY
($500 min. balance)
3-Year CD: 1.30% APY
($500 min. balance)
5-Year CD: 1.80% APY
($500 min. balance)
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